Our Services

Startup Support Program

HR can be a challenge for startup entrepreneurs where in you already have so much on their plates. We understand the issues youface, and can help you easily while you grow. No Startup business is alike, however there are many used cases for each problem. At Change leaders, we pride ourselves in Innovating HR solution to keep you ahead of the challenge

Campus Connect Program

We provide strategic - consulting solutions in buildingEmployer Brand & creating TalentIncubation Centers. Our strategies are align to address Academic and Industry perspective.

Front line Hiring Team

Quick Ramp ups are one of the biggest challenge for organization leaders. The right resourcecan be in your Talent pool but missing them is easy. Our cost-efficient and relevant assessments will help you source, identify, Recruit right talent quickly for your business.


Executive Hiring Team

Mid-to-senior level executives consider not just a pay package while looking for a change. They look for a better work profile and larger responsibilities as they are building their careers. We understand on our behalf of client that Mid-level executives need Clarity to understand the exact DNA of the new workplace. If this is not done, the chances of having to loosing / movingoutare very high.

Leadership Hiring Team

Leadership Roles and Functional heads positions are one of the big tasks for any organization. A right leadership is the milestone for driving organization towards success. Our experienced team helps you find Change Leaders to head all the key positions.

HR Analytics & Data Science Service

HR is offen found last mover in technology adoption or Analytics, this is when Talent Acquisition & Talent Management is considered as most important task in Organization. we help you make smarter decisions in managing your change leaders. We help you build new insights from big data and HR analytics., machine learning, predictive analytics,data visualization and Natural language processing together to match people better to your needs, buildingyour HR processes, reduce cost and time.

Mentor Mentee Program

Research shows mentored individuals are more satisfied and committed to their professions than non-mentored individuals (Wanberg, Welsh, &Hezlett, 2003). Moreover, mentored individuals getbetter evaluations, higher package, and faster career progression than non-mentored individuals. Wehelp you build performance excellence methodology in the confidence, relevance of your work environment with discipline.

HR Apps & Portal

Our upcoming mobile App / Website swill be efficient to help you recruit fast, relevant and improvejob satisfaction of your existing employees.